First Window

First Window is a new establishment based in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which focuses on bringing the most advanced and popular technologies to the market. The goal is to provide reliable and popular products to satisfy consumers. First Window idea was generated when the owner explored a new world of coffee and tea which is currently taking a huge step in the U.S. market. First Window decided to bring this technology to the middle east and expand further in this matter.

We are aimed in providing reliable products that are fully certified by international standards and in accordance with SABER specification and approval documentations. 

Our prices are competitive with the market and our goal is to bring coffee & tea capsule machines to every single house in the middle east because we believe that every individual deserves the best and finest taste of real American Coffee and authentic cups of tea with a variety of flavours to suit all of our customers. 

The imported coffee and tea capsules are in full compliance with international standards and they are only imported from North America because customer satisfaction is our priority.

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